The Power of Storytelling for the Professional


Scott Smith

​Best Practices Services

The Power of Storytelling for the Professional


Best Practices Services offers three types of unique service for small business owners.

First, I can create a brochure that seems like it is an article reprinted from major magazine, rather than being an advertorial (see the sample above). Having had over 1,200 articles published in 175 publications, I know how to hold the attention of today’s readers and explain why you offer a superior service in a way they will understand.​

​These allow you to ensure accuracy, unlike articles that appear in mainstream media, and they are less expensive to print and create online versions. These can be used in proactive marketing in many ways to educate both current clients and the best prospects (as outlined on the pricing page).

​I bring to this task:

• 14 years at a PR agency for 85 publicly-held companies.

• Experience managing a dozen businesses, including food retailers and a newspaper.

• Work as a marketing consultant for large organizations, like the U.S. Postal Service and ExxonMobil, and as a business consultant for a wide variety of small firms.​​

• Knowledge of best practices from interviewing the world’s top CEOs, including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman, Larry Ellison, Lee Iacocca, and Michael Dell.

Second, I can devise inexpensive marketing programs for entrepreneurs on tight budgets, including effective website content, social media plans, email campaigns, ad copy, mailers, public relations, presentations, and even ghostwritten books.

​I can confidentially provide affordable coaching to work out a total approach to personal challenges that can impede business success.

​I can be reached from 6 am Pacific seven days at 310/254-4051 or send a message about what your needs are and when you would be available to

Best Practices Services

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